Session Offerings

I offer a variety of sessions to accommodate my clients.  Typically the first few sessions are held in my office; however, after that, I am typically able to offer:

  • Office Visits
  • Telehealth Sessions

I will uphold my client’s confidentiality to the highest level with few exceptions. With this, within the scheduling Telehealth sessions, please note, while all efforts will be made, I am not able to fully guarantee complete confidentiality within these situations as the sessions may be held in public places and, therefore, others may overhear conversations.   Likewise, with Telehealth, I cannot guarantee complete confidentiality from the location you choose to participate in online therapy from (e.g., if you participate in online therapy at a public wifi hotspot or from the comfort of your home who will overhear your session). With this, when a client requests and schedules for a Telehealth session, the client acknowledges that confidential information may be overheard and/or not be completely secure.  Please refer to the “Informed Consent” form within the “New Client Forms” page for more information.

Please note, I only offer Telehealth sessions for adults (over the age of 18).